About Us

Over 60 million pieces of PPE

Our supply has been delivered to the United States, United Kingdom, Jordan and will be potentially reaching France, Switzerland & Germany.

Who We Are

SAP Traders is a quality Gloves and Protective Equipment supplier that has been certified. We take a holistic approach to every project and take pride in working as partners with our clients to understand their objectives and deliver their products in a personalised manner.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our operating landscape and we diversified into glove trading in April 2020 hence SAP Traders was founded.

Secured Acquisition in Products

Since commencing glove trading, we have added and expanded our core competencies to ensure we are able to provide high quality service to our customers. We are registered with Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) & Lembaga Getah Malaysia (Malaysia Rubber Board). We strive to meet required trade standards ensuring that SAP Trader’s global trade practices remain on par. This is important so that the goods traded adhere to the same worldwide standards and requirements for economic, ethical, quality, supplier & consumer protection globally.

Our Clients

Key Personnel (Malaysian Team)

Key Personnel (Global Team)

Quality Assurance

We ensure that goods supplied to our customer meet quality standards and consequently, we conduct Quality Assurance in 2 stages of our purchasing process.

Products are inspected for:

* Weight
* Thickness
* Torn / Dirty
* Sizing