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Gloves Inspection

With our in house inspection team, we provide a basic free of charge inspection to ensure the gloves meet the customers’ requirements.

The gloves are inspected visually for punctures or signs of degradation (swelling, shrinking, cracking, discolouration, etc.).

For a more detailed inspection, a third party independent team can be hired at the buyer’s cost, this includes loading reports and documentation required for ensuring products purchased have been officially inspected, verified & packed accordingly.

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Glove Testing in Labs

For customers who want more information on the gloves they are purchasing, it can be sent to our lab partners to be evaluated for dimensions, tensile strength & elongation, puncture, residual powder, leakage, simulated use, heat ageing degradation, and viral barriers.

These tests are appropriate for rubber, nitrile, and vinyl materials. Labs perform these tests in compliance with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D3578 (rubber exam), ASTM D3577 (rubber surgical), ASTM D6319 (nitrile), ASTM D5250 (vinyl), and ASTM F1342 puncture test standards or alternatively in compliance with similar EN (European Standard) 455 part 1 to 4 standards.

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Glove Testing in Labs

SAP Traders can train your team on the basics of gloves inspection and cargo loading. Enquire within for our course modules.

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